Let It Snow Animated Wallpaper

Let It Snow Animated Wallpaper 1.0

Let It Snow Animated Wallpaper will bring some Christmas fun to you desktop
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Probably it is about time that you have something different on your computer screen. Maybe you are tired of all those high-tech screensavers, as well as those with very complex animations, or breath-taking views of nature, or of space.
Let It Snow Animated Wallpaper will bring some Christmas fun to you desktop.
This funny wallpaper will definitely be a change for your computer, and who knows, maybe for a part of your life. Now, whenever you feel very tired, stressed, bored of everything, just close or minimize your applications and immediately you will be transported to a different world. A world where happiness and joy are everywhere. The place where its inhabitants really know how to enjoy life and have a lot of fun without any worries.
You will be standing in the middle of a beautiful snowy scene on the mountains, next to some kind of skating ring. You are just enjoying the scenery when, all of a sudden, a polar bear appears skating from one side to the other of the skating ring. Oh, he is happy. How can you tell? He even runs and slides on his stomach. And just watch that smile.
If this was not enough, another one comes from the other side of the screen already sliding!
In the background you will be able to see the Christmas decorations of the place, and also its other inhabitants: penguins. You do not even notice it, but now you are wearing a big smile on your face.
Let It Snow Animated Wallpaper will definitely be of great help to get relief on those boring, hard days.
And it’s great for the kids too!

Fernando Soni
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  • Funny scene
  • Nice details


  • Probably you cannot watch it for too long
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